an evening of six dances, is the work of Stacey Temple and guest choreographers Victoria Gray and Henry Maximilian McCall* , who each present one work in the program. The lighting is designed by Brian Billings, sculptures by Erik Pendergraft and costumes by Henry Maximillian McCall*.


The title piece, Chasing Shadows, is a haunting work for six dancers about the strangeness of catching glimpses of parts of yourself that you don’t fully recognize and don’t always like. The harder you try to control or smother them, the more they evaporate or even worse, try to smother you. In the end, you don’t always know who has won and who has lost.


Using both text and a sampling of Baroque music, A Taste of Wine, pokes fun at the “honeyed richness” of both the literature and rituals of the world of wine. Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill and Isadora Duncan make guest appearances.


Tears, Time and the Tango of Life presents a character wrestling with loss, the beauty of memories and the dispassionate and relentless onslaught of life.


And so GOES the Monkey Mind, a piece for six dancers, examines what happens as we get pushed further and further into the frenzy of our lives and are faced with enormous tectonic shifts. The environment for the piece is created by the works of Denver sculptor, Erik Pendergraft.


Ms. Temple’s four dances will be performed by Baylee Butcher, Diana Drummond, Victoria Gray, Madison Martinek, Sydney McCall and Aimee Wallace.


In Come, Maliah, Victoria Gray explores the duality of strength and vulnerability during an elongated period of grief through nurturing, tactile movement. This intimate duet highlights the journey one takes to ease inner turmoil and bring holistic peace. Come, Maliah is dedicated to those who know the devastating pain of losing a child; may you realize you are not alone.


Henry Maximilian McCall’s* new work gives a snapshot of a young man preparing to “pop” the question. It’s a lighthearted look at some of the nervous anticipation that comes with such a momentous moment.

*appearing courtesy of Wonderbound